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In Time Link is the all-inclusive solution for cashless payments, customer assistance and telemetry.

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In Time Link mobile app and dashboard

User app

The native app, Android and iOS, allows both to contact the customer support more efficiently and to bypass the consumer's lack of change problem, generating thus more purchase opportunities and an increased appeal towards a younger audience, more accustomed to buy cashless via mobile.


Thanks to the telemetry system, the operator is able to monitor the transactions and analyze the machines' performances, making the support tickets management more efficient and sleek.


A board with Android® OS, installed inside, connects the machine to the Cloud, allowing remote control and receiving a real-time data flow.

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Simpler purchases

Drinking coffee is simple, and buying it should be as such. We imagine a vending where payment isn't a barrier, but an opportunity: without the coins, the costs reduce, queues shorten, and purchase gets faster. Happier customers, thanks to a cashless payment system.

Closer to customers

We help creating a relationship with your clients, thanks to the customer assistance request form included in the app, and to a company dashboard to better manage support tickets. The In Time Link's solution also includes a telemetry system to monitor the vending machines' cashless transactions data.

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Going cashless is safer

Cash isn't safe, and cashless systems are able to offer a higher level of payment security. In Time Link develops technologies built on a modern Cloud infrastructure, to both secure transactions and users' credentials, while avoiding data disclosures, thanks to the use of the highest payment safety standards.

A flexible solution

We call it Solution because it solves everyone's problem.
In Time Link is a multi-vendor system, able to make smart any machine, beside the latest generation models: our motherboard fits in most of the vending machines on the market, even the older ones.

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The smartphone at your fingertips

Inscindible from our mobile devices, we consistently use them as instruments to daily manage all our activities, including payments.
And while mobile purchases are constantly growing, especially among younger consumers, thanks to In Time Link we can now use our smartphones to pay also at vending machines.

30 billions




Fonti: Osservatorio Mobile Commerce & Payment del Politecnico di Milano, 2017      1 - relative to 2016    2 - compared to 2015

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